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We inspect all asset classes. From commercial transportation and industrial machinery to office, medical, and restaurant equipment. We are prepared to provide detailed and accurate reporting to assist you in protecting your assets. We specialize in collateral verification and compliance audits. We have conducted thousands of inspections and audits for banks, commercial lenders, and finance companies. We treat every inspection as if it is our assets at risk and our business reputation on the line.


Business Verification

An on-site inspection can be used to determine legitimacy and help lenders avoid fraudulent requests..

Does the lessee or borrower really exist? or is the business simply a mail drop in a local post office? We can facilitate a physical inspection of the customer’s location providing you with proof that everything is as it is stated to be, with a full a written report, together with photos of our findings.

You’ll receive the added assurance that all aspects of the business are what they are purported to be. This service can help you underwrite or evaluate a potential loan or credit decision with the added confidence gained through better knowledge of your potential customer.


Leased Equipment

Verify that all items under the lease have been delivered and match the physical assets description, are located at the agreed location and in good condition.

We provide a valuable service to banks, leasing companies and other financial institutions to assure them that their equipment is on-site at the lessee’s location. This service can be utilized on all types of equipment and throughout the life span of a lease. At every level, our accurate, on-site inspection of your investment helps you reduce risk by avoiding costly errors.

This timely service can make an important difference when you need to verify inventory existence and condition before releasing funds. We understand the time sensitive nature of this function, and complete all inspections as expeditiously as possible. In fact, inspection results can be provided back to you within a few hours of completion.


Inventory Inspection

Floor Plan inspection service provides financial institutions with regularly scheduled accounting of their inventory.

Floor Plan Inspection Services are an integral piece of the risk mitigation process for the wholesale credit and finance industry. We provide these inspection services to financial institutions, manufacturers, and other companies as a cost effective alternative to performing inventory inspections utilizing in-house staff. Types of inventories include agricultural equipment, automobiles, trucks, construction units, marine equipment, manufactured housing, and more. With our Floor Plan Inspection service, you get a complete accounting of your merchandise.


Insurance Inspection

We can help mitigate insurable loss claims on the lenders behalf to insure the claim is being handled in the best interest if the lender.

Prior to funding any transaction, we can complete a site visit with your customer. These inspections are conducted on residential or commercial properties that have suffered an insurable loss. The field inspector will meet the customer or contractor and review the repairs. The inspection report includes: the repairs completed, the repairs yet to be completed, the estimated percentage of completion, observations of the workmanship and commentary as to the satisfaction of the customer. We can be your professional, reliable eyes and ears for interest to include loss Inspections and draw Inspections. This inspection gives you confirmation that funds are being paid out properly and that work is being completed in a timely manner.

Business Development

Can you benefit from business development, management, and marketing services? Weather you are starting a new business, optimize your existing business, BKG can provide tools and services to help achieve your desired business goals.


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